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[Must Read] Posting Instructions for Software Assistance - Jake1702 - 07-26-2017

These are the posting guidelines for posting here. If you do not follow these guidelines, your post will be ignored and you will not receive any assistance.
  • Please be descriptive. Describe your problem in detail, including error codes (if any), state what you were doing when the problem occurred, and for how long you have had the problem. (i.e. When it first occurred) Let's try to avoid posts like:

    hi i have bsod pls hlep fix it tnx
  • Include screenshots/pictures if at all possible. We understand sometimes you may be unable to get a picture or screenshot, but please try, as it will help greatly in diagnosing the issue.
  • If you have followed the above and have not received a reply within 2 days, please add a reply to the topic saying "*bump*". (No quotes)
  • Please do not create multiple topics for the same issue. As said above, please bump the topic if you do not receive assistance. 
  • Use the search bar. Someone may have had the same issue as you and it may be solved. If at all possible, please try searching to see if you can find any information on the problem. If it did not help you, then make a new topic.
  • When your problem is solved, please edit the title and add "[SOLVED]" to the beginning.
Thank you, and we hope we can help you resolve your problem.